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So you’ve come to the site and decided to step out and post a question or make a comment  on someone else’s post.  Now… you may be wondering, “How will I know when someone has replied?”  Glad you asked.  At the end of every post you will see an option that would allow you to […]

Logging In Tip

Once you have registered successfully, and activated your registration by clicking the link sent to you in your email, when you are logging in, be sure not to leave any spaces in your username or password.  If your name is John Doe, when logging in, please enter JohnDoe.  If you leave a space, you will […]

Helpful Category Hint

This tip would help you when selecting categories: If you select a category from the drop-down menu, and the requested page does not load automatically, simply refresh your browser and try it again.  That should resolve the issue.  For other helpful hints and tips, visit the related category:  Website Notices and Updates.

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Dear Site Visitor or Site User, If at any time you experience a technical difficulty with the site, please send an email to: [email protected] or you may enter a post in this category.  The related category, Website Notices and Updates will also contain useful information. Thank you.


Welcome to Focus on God's Word Ministries where our goal is to teach the Word of God, thereby enabling you to live better with God and others. As we endeavour to spread the truth of God's Word globally, we have made it possible... more>> 

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