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In this category you will find a compilation of the broadcasts for 2018 posted by month.  In some instances there may be no new recordings either because of technical difficulties or Pastor Clarke’s ministerial schedule.  In those cases a previously recorded broadcast would have been replayed, so you are not missing out. Occasionally, an in-studio recording […]

Radio Broadcasts: February 2018

January flew by and now February is here.  Pastor Clarke starts this month discussing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the first message, he clears up some key misconceptions that would free you if you flow in these gifts or desire to flow. He also discusses the power of the Word of Wisdom. Tune […]

Radio Broadcasts: January 2018

Welcome to 2018 – The Year of …The God of The Abundance!!! As we go through this year, we believe that God will lead our Pastor with unusual insights from the Word so you can live better with God, yourself and others, in every of your life. Be blessed; be strong. January 6th, 2018;   […]


Welcome to Focus on God's Word Ministries where our goal is to teach the Word of God, thereby enabling you to live better with God and others. As we endeavour to spread the truth of God's Word globally, we have made it possible... more>> 

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