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About Radio Broadcasts 2015

In this category you will find a compilation of the broadcasts for 2015 posted by month.  In some instances there were no new recordings either because of technical difficulties or Pastor Clarke’s ministerial schedule.  In those cases a previously recorded broadcast would have been replayed, so you are not missing out.  Occasionally, an in-studio recording was […]

Radio Broadcasts: December 2015

Here we are at the end of 2015, thanking the Lord for blessing us with another year of ministry on the radio.  The Lord continues to show Himself faithful as Focus follows the plan laid out by the Lord.  We trust that the Word, as taught by Pastor Clarke, has been a blessing to you.  […]

Radio Broadcasts: November 2015

November continues with the topic, Why Grace?  The benefits of Grace far outweigh what was available under the law.  Thank God for His Grace that was freely given because of the great love with which He loved us…and still loves us.  It is available to all who are willing to receive it. This month, Pastor […]

Radio Broadcasts: October 2015

The month of October begins with more teaching on the topic:  Why Grace?  Although the law has its benefit and place in God’s plan, He introduced Grace.  In the first recording this month, Pastor Clarke also discusses several laws that govern our life in the Kingdom.  Hope you glean some insights from this teaching. October […]

Radio Broadcasts: September 2015

This month, the topic continues:  Why Grace? Follow along with Pastor Clarke as he continues to develop this important topic.  Everything the Lord has provided for us comes out of His grace. September 5, 2015 – No radio broadcast: technical issue.   September 12, 2015;   September 19, 2015;   September 26, 2015 – No […]

Radio Broadcasts: August 2015

This month, a new series begins:  Why Grace?  Very valuable to know how important God’s grace is to us. August 1, 2015;   August 8, 2015;   August 15, 2015;   August 22, 2015;   August 29, 2015.      

Radio Broadcasts: July 2015

The Word – The Key to a Relationship with God: July 4, 2015 – No recording available.   July 11, 2015 – No recording available.   July 18, 2015; July 25, 2015 – No recording available. Note:  In July there were some technical difficulties as well as Pastor Clarke was out of the country ministering. […]

Radio Broadcasts: June 2015

The Word – The Key to a Relationship with God: June 6, 2015;   June 13, 2015;   June 20, 2015 – No recording available.   June 27, 2015.    

Radio Broadcasts: May 2015

The Word – The Key to a Relationship with God: For the month of May, Pastor Clarke continued his teaching on this critical topic. Everything in life hinges on our relationship with God.  Be blessed! May 2, 2015;   May 9, 2015;   May 16, 2015;   May 23, 2015;   May 30, 2015 – No […]

Radio Broadcasts: April 2015

The Word – The Key to a Relationship with God: April 4, 2015;   April 11, 2015;   April 18, 2015;   April 25, 2015 – No recording available.  

Radio Broadcasts: March 2015

Walking in God’s Grace continues in March: March 7, 2015;   March 14, 2015;   March 21, 2015 – No recording available.   March 28, 2015 – No recording available.  

Radio Broadcasts: February 2015

Walking in God’s Grace continues… February 7, 2015;   February 14, 2015;   February 21, 2015;   February 28, 2015;    

Radio Broadcasts: January 2015

Walking in God’s Grace begins the New Year.   January 3, 2015;     January 10, 2015;     January 17, 2015;     January 24, 2015;     January 31, 2015 – No recording available.  


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