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In this category you will find a compilation of the broadcasts for 2017 posted by month.  In some instances there may be no new recordings either because of technical difficulties or Pastor Clarke’s ministerial schedule.  In those cases a previously recorded broadcast would have been replayed, so you are not missing out.  Occasionally, an in-studio recording […]

Radio Broadcasts: December 2017

Please note: The first broadcast for December was a repeat message due to Pastor Clarke’s Itinerary. December 2nd, 2017; The message aired on November 25th, 2017 was replayed.   December 9th, 2017; This was a live, in-studio session with a visiting minister from Florida.   Pastor Clarke begins his teachings for December as he continues […]

Radio Broadcasts: November 2017

Pastor Clarke begins this month with the topic: The Anointing to Prosper. Don’t miss this series…it will transform your thinking about your prosperity! Join him now… November 4th, 2017;   November 11th, 2017;   Pastor begins a new topic: Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Be blessed! November 18th, 2017;   November 25th, […]

Radio Broadcasts: October 2017

Tune in as Pastor Clarke continues to teach on Misconceptions About Prayer.  A prayer life that gets results is a necessity in the life of a believer.  We trust that these messages will be a blessing to you. October 7th, 2017;   October 14, 2017;   In this session, Pastor Clarke does a powerful teaching […]

Radio Broadcasts: September 2017

Join Pastor Clarke as he teaches on about some common misconceptions about prayer. Listen carefully as he deals with this topic. September 2nd, 2017;   September 9th, 2017;   September 16th, 2017; This broadcast was a previous recording.   September 23rd, 2017;   September 30th, 2017.  

Radio Broadcasts: August 2017

The month of August continues the topic:  The Anointing to Prosper.  Join Pastor Clarke now as he teaches from God’s Word.  Let the Word transform your mind and life. August 5th, 2017;   August 12th, 2017;   Pastor Clarke changes gears as he begins a new topic: Misconceptions About Prayer. August 19th, 2017;   August […]

Radio Broadcasts: July 2017

Another month of ministry begins with Pastor Anthony Clarke. He starts off discussing the need and responsibility to renew the mind. God has renewed your spirit man, but the renewed mind is what will move you into your land of promise based on God’s Word. When our thinking changes, our lifestyles will change.  Listen as Pastor […]

Radio Broadcasts: June 2017

Join Pastor Clarke as he continues his teaching on some key specifics on faith. Are you fully persuaded as Abraham was? Find out how you can improve on your faith walk and be strong in faith. June 3rd, 2017:   June 10th, 2017;   June 17th, 2017;   June 24th, 2017.  

Radio Broadcasts: May 2017

We begin this month with a continuation of the teaching from Pastor Clarke on Revelation Truth.  We hope this would be enlightening for you as you study God’s Word.   May 6th, 2017;   May 13th, 2017; In this teaching, Pastor Clarke also adds to this topic, the power of hope and exercising faith as […]

Radio Broadcasts: April 2017

Join Pastor Clarke, as he teaches on understanding the personal work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. This is one of the key areas that Pastor Clarke has been anointed and commissioned to teach, and has been used by the Lord to lead many to receiving the gift of the Holy […]

Radio Broadcasts: March 2017

A new month is here and Pastor Clarke is once again in teaching mode. Listen as he shares from God’s Word on the topic: Steps to Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. March 4th, 2017;   March 11th, 2017;   March 18th, 2017;   March 25th, 2017.

Radio Broadcasts: February 2017

Join Pastor Clarke as he continues his teaching during the month of February on how to deal with personal challenges. February 4th, 2017;   February 11th, 2017; This broadcast was a special live interview with Pastor Anthony Clarke, Pastor Kirk Newallo and two of their ministerial colleagues from North America.  They discussed the power of the […]

Radio Broadcasts: January 2017

Join Pastor Clarke as he begins his New Year studies discussing the topic Dealing with Personal Challenges. As you begin 2017, know that God has a plan to empower you to be an overcomer in every situation.  Be blessed as you listen… January 7th, 2017;   January 14th, 2017;   January 21st, 2017;   January […]


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