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About Focus

Pastor Cup Runneth Over-HeadShot2Focus on God’s Word Ministries was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the spirit and heart of Pastor Anthony Clarke in 1985.  During a simple but sincere desire to know the Holy Spirit in his early years as a believer, a humble prayer was uttered, and the Lord visited Pastor Clarke with a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit with which he ministers even to this day.

While in his very early years of ministry, Pastor Clarke was faithful in the teaching ministry given to him by the Lord.  Serving under his spiritual overseers, Reverands Herman and Ann Raymond of the Belmont Pentecostal Church, he worked in various capacities to facilitate whatever the Lord desired to accomplish.  One day, as he was interceding for the move of the Spirit in an evangelistic meeting, the Lord spoke to him and said, “Your ministry will touch the nation.”  Not yet in ministry in an official capacity at that time, he wondered how that would come about.  The answer from the Lord came…, “through radio.” (Recordings of his radio broadcasts, which are an outreach of the ministry at Focus, are currently aired locally every Saturday, and are  available on this site).

Beginning in 1995, eight years prior to starting Focus, Pastor Clarke served as an itinerant (travelling) minister, teaching the Word of God and ministering on and through the gifts of the Spirit, wherever the Lord opened the door in local churches.   Then came the day in 2001 when the Lord spoke to him to start a church. It was not easy at first to just step out.  For two years, he prayed and talked to the Lord about it, as he considered shepherding God’s people to be a very serious undertaking.  Having said yes, Pastor Clarke has not looked back and thoroughly enjoys what the Lord has called him to do.

In 2002, he began in his living room and thought it was a good idea to start by having Bible studies, which over time could grow into a church.  After about the second or third meeting, the Lord asked him, “What are you doing?”  He said, “Lord, I am having Bible study until it grows and then I’ll start a church.”  The Lord replied, “That is not what I told you to do.  I want you to start a church. It will not grow until you start a church.”  That day, without hesitation, he announced to all who were in attendance that he was starting a church. In January 2003, the church, Focus on God’s Word Christian Centre, was born.  That Sunday, he dressed the part and was very official.  He was shocked to see people from all over Trinidad showing up for service in his living room!  Thank God for a very loving and supportive wife, who had the example of godly parents who also accepted God’s call to ministry. Pastor J Headshot

As the ministry grew, Pastor Clarke and his wife Joanne (pictured below), were able to secure a classroom in the Barataria area.  Once again, the ministry continued to grow.  After one year, it became necessary to move into a commercial building at 73 Eastern Main Road in Barataria.  God’s Word continued to flourish with testimonies of miraculous healings and breakthroughs in the lives of the members and visitors.  Once again, the ministry outgrew that facility and the most recent move occurred in 2013 to 159 Eastern Main Road in Barataria, the former offices of Rhema Ministries, where Focus’ services are presently being held.

Pastor Clarke and his wife continue to be diligent and faithful to fulfill God’s mandate to him:  Teach the Word of God; enabling people to live better with God and others.  The Lord has made the promise that “…the tabernacle of the Lord; it will flourish…”, and it is continuing to do just that: flourish.

We thank God that they have stayed faithful to God’s instructions and are actively pursuing the call that was given by the Lord.  We look forward to seeing the Lord continue to fulfill all of His good promises to them as they cross over into a new era for their lives and the ministry.

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