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About Radio Broadcasts 2017

In this category you will find a compilation of the broadcasts for 2017 posted by month.  In some instances there may be no new recordings either because of technical difficulties or Pastor Clarke’s ministerial schedule.  In those cases a previously recorded broadcast would have been replayed, so you are not missing out.  Occasionally, an in-studio recording was done, but those were few and far between. Also, because of Pastor Clarke’s teaching style (he tends to review and recap before he begins), not much would have been missed.

Here is the listing of some of the titles of the series for 2017:

  • Dealing with Personal Challenges

If at any time you would like to select only the posts with radio recordings with a specific series/message title, you can copy and paste (or type that tile as written above) into the Search field, or click the blue tags at the end of a radio broadcast post.  We have also made it possible for you to leave comments about the information presented. We hope you will use this feature so that you may continue to grow in your knowledge of the Word by the discussion that may follow.   Enjoy!

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