Thank You! –

Thank You!

Grace and peace be unto you Focus.   I just want to let you know that I have been in Focus  about eight weeks and I have learned so much it is amazing!  Thank you so much!  I have seen a big difference in my children and when my husband visited for the first time he fell in love.  My sons and I are always excited to fellowship on Fridays and Sundays.  They make sure they listen to (their) pastor (as they would always say).  I am so grateful for Focus …..

I belonged to a church for over twenty-two years and in the beginning in January 2015, I started seeking the Lord to show me where to go with my family.  I was invited to a Sunday service and something was different in my spirit.  I spoke to my best friend who is now pastoring a church in Grenada and she told me, ” Do whatever it takes for salvation to come to your house.” It brought peace to my spirit and so I spoke to my previous Bishop and informed him that I found a new home …….

I am so excited on the inside about the move of God in Focus. I can’t help but call my friends and boast (even though I shouldn’t do that) about my new church. Focus is everything I always wanted in my heart in a church.  Pastor Anthony Clarke is the kind of pastor I have always spoken to the Lord about.  In my heart I am so happy.  I just love being in the presence of the Lord; we love being a part of Focus ……I am so happy  😀   😀   😀   can’t wait for Friday night’s service ………

Thank you MJay for sharing that heart-felt testimony.  We’re grateful that we are ministering to your entire family.

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