Life-Changing Experience! –

Life-Changing Experience!

In May 2007 I had a life-changing experience. Three months earlier, I had been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had seen my mother battle with low grade NHL for years. Hers was slow growing and it took doctors years before a correct diagnosis was made and proper treatment began. However, I was not so fortunate. I had high grade, and in a matter of months, the body fatigue, chills, fever, night sweats and rapid weight loss had taken control of my once youthful, 36 year-old body. I began to make plans for my departure from this earth.

Thankfully, my friend of over fifteen years whom I had recently gotten back in touch with, was married to a pastor (she herself being one). She invited me to their church for prayer. My frail, ailing body had to be helped up the stairs of Focus on God’s Word Christian Ministry. That night, I officially met Pastor Anthony Clarke. He placed me on a chair on the church’s altar and asked his wife, Pastor Joanne Clarke (my friend) along with a couple of his elders and the church congregation to agree with him in prayer as he laid his hand on me and prayed for my healing.

I struggled to sit through the rest of the service as my body felt drained of all its energy after my battle with the stairs. There was a strange heat on the inside which I could not explain so I figured it was a new symptom that I was going to have to add to my list. I was glad when my head hit my pillow that night. The next morning however, I realized a difference in my body. I was able to fix myself breakfast without having to rest a few times while preparing it. Mid-morning, I listened to a CD Pastor Anthony had given me the night before, of his teaching on The Healing Power of Jesus Christ. What really surprised me was this: when I played some praise and worship songs after listening to the CD I was able to get up and dance to about three full songs.

Five days later, I was back at work after being home for over five months. God had touched me that night at Focus and had started His healing work in my body. I began attending Focus to learn more about the faith I needed in order for the work to be complete. My doctor and his nurses, who never led on to me about what they had discussed before then, admitted later that they had already given up on me because they had never seen a case as serious as my own survive. What was more mind-blowing to them was that I never one day had to be hospitalized, which was where they had decided to send me on my next visit to his office.

Thank God I visited His office at Focus On God’s Word Christian Ministry first. Thank God for His healing touch!

M.  Braznell-Meade

Thank you for sharing this testimony!  Our God is a Healer…a Supernatural Healer!

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  1. September 19, 2015    

    His WORD shall not return to HIM VOID

  2. September 18, 2015    

    God is truly an awesome God, it a pleasure to serve Him and hear of His wonderous works PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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