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Miraculous Sunday Morning Healing!

My name is Aura Thompson.  I first attended Focus on God’s Word Christian Centre (now called Ministries) in 2003.  My pastor, Anthony Clarke said to me then, “Just come to church for one year, and if there is no change in your life after the year has passed, you are free to leave.”  Well twelve years have passed and I am still here.

I have experienced a tremendous change in many areas of my life because of the powerful Word that is being taught at church.  My pastor is a man of strong faith and he teaches us how to use our faith to obtain answers to prayer.

I want to share with you a miraculous healing that took place in my life in 2009.  At that time, I started having severe problems with my eyes.  I did many tests but the doctors were unable to determine the cause of my problem.  I would feel my eyeballs rolling, and when this happened, I would see upside down as though the sky was on the ground, and the ground was in the sky.  This was truly a horrible experience.

One Sunday morning during church service, this awful sensation started to happen to me.  I told the guy sitting next to me (who incidentally was the person who had invited me to church) that my eyes were starting to roll again.  He advised Pastor Clarke and his wife Joanne of what was happening to me.  They immediately came and laid hands on my head and on my eyes and started to pray for me.  They continued praying for me for a while and when I finally opened my eyes, I was able to see clearly once more.  More than six years have passed and thank God, from that Sunday morning in 2009 to date, this problem has not recurred.  I am healed in Jesus’ name!

Thank you Aura for sending us this wonderful testimony.

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  1. September 19, 2015    

    He’s ah MIGHTY HEALER!!!

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