Standing on God’s Word in Faith –

Standing on God’s Word in Faith

We became born again as a couple at Focus on God’s Word Ministries (formerly called Christian Centre) in the year 2010, after a near death experience in a car accident which claimed the lives of two of our close friends. As a couple we were bruised emotionally, physically and even spiritually.  Also, in our marriage at the time, we had some issues of unfaithfulness which eroded the trust factor.

We attended this ministry where we received the Word from Pastor Anthony Clarke through his ability to simplify God’s Word, and deposit it in our hearts.  After consistent sessions of attending the church fellowship, prayer and counselling by this Pastor and his supportive ministers, we were able as a couple to weather the storms of those emotional and physical roller-coasters.

By standing in faith on God’s Word, we received restoration in our home concerning our marriage due to the teachings on forgiveness by this ministry.  We are also healed from the experience of that tragic accident.

It’s been about five years since we have given our hearts to Jesus, and we must confess, that the peace of God through His Word is what has sustained and brought us thus far…and the hope of receiving God’s promise of eternal life.

We hope this testimony would encourage, restore and even minister to as many persons as the Lord wills.  “Stand on God’s Word – it works!”

Andre and June Lynch

Thank you Andre and June for sharing your testimony of victory with us!

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  1. September 24, 2015    

    Wonderful testimony of God’s love and grace

  2. September 19, 2015    

    When GOD SAVES He does a COMPLETE JOB!!! All for HIS name to be Praised and Lifted Up

  3. September 14, 2015    

    Gods word is the beginnig of your joy, peace and prosperity and the end of your pains, sorrows and discomforts. The more word you put into your life,the more comfort you add to your situation. God never fails. He is true to his promises. Just add what he requires to it(faith) and watch Him work in your life.

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